When & Where


The Gaming Club Armagedon, Katrinehillsgatan 7b, 504 52 Borås, Sweden.

This is the place.

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Friday 2021-11-19 to Sunday 2021-11-21. For more details, look here.


500,- SEK (≈50 USD or 50 EUR). Dinner, lunch and breakfast included.


You are welcome to sleep at the gaming club. There is however limited space for this, please check the sleeping box in your registration. 

You also have some hotel options quite nearby. Google is your friend.

Eat and drink

We have a deal with a catering firm that will arrive with food during friday and saturday evening. 

Breakfast is included in the registration fee.

We will serve lunch during saturday and a selection of sandwiches during sunday. This is included in the fee.

The gaming club also have a kiosk.

There is a supermarket approximately 300 meter away.


There is a shower at the facilites. We also have two toilets and one kitchen to take care of all needs.

Where do I Stop my Vehicle?

The street just outside the club have free parking the entire weekend. Don't forget to scrounge all Package before you declare Abandon.


Smoking is not allowed at the gaming club, but is allowed on the area outside the club. Please take your smoke as far away from the door as possible.



Play and have fun! :)

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